Missing being Mrs

“Wow… Jen allows us right into her heart”

Missing Being Mrs is about my recovery from my divorce. It was first published in 2004 by Monarch. I couldn’t find a book on divorce that was written by someone who had been through it, so I wrote one. In 2015 Lion Hudson reissued it with a new cover and short update.

As well as exploring how you deal with the storm of emotions that comes with such a huge loss, the book deals with some of the practical questions and issues like: How do you tell other people? Whom can you trust? What about money, car maintenance, and other daily tasks? and How do I do single?

For those of us with a faith, there is a whole layer of questions on top of these such as: “How could God allow this?”  “Can you forgive?” and “Is divorce O.K?”. They’re all in there too.  

Missing Being Mrs tells my story, hence the title, but the feelings and issues affect both men and women. I’m glad that in sharing my story its been a help for many people whether Mr, Mrs or Ms.


Readers say:

"Having been through the same thing myself it was like reading a diary! It's just an amazing feeling to have your experiences articulated so accurately through this book! Better than counselling...”

“While separated from my husband I found this book to be one of the most encouraging of those I read … it reads as if conversing with a empathetic, comforting, and encouraging friend. It provided me with light in a very dark and desperate place.”

“I myself am not religious, but I got so much from this book I am sure it is going to be something I read over and over. Jennifer's honesty and humility within her writing is touching and actually very helpful. Refreshing to read something so heartfelt.”

“As a Christian guy going through a difficult time with a wife who's committing adultery this book has been a big help. I've been dealing with a lot of the same thoughts and issues and I'm glad I'm not losing my mind.”


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Useful websites:

Missing being Mrs doesn’t cover the legal and practical issues of divorce. Here are some places that do:

www.sfla.co.uk  - simple free law advisor - for all the legal advice and issues

www.dad.info - gives clear advice and support on divorce from other fathers with an online discussion forum.

www.relate.org.uk - it really helps to have someone to talk to who is outside the situation

www.brokenrites.org - supports separated and divorced spouses and partners of clergy of all denominations

www.bottled-up.com - for people living with an alcoholic

247helpyourself.com - a useful, free site for those who want to control their drinking


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