The Essential Guide to Children and Separation

Practical help for children

Parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, teachers, youth workers and counsellors all need to know how to support children through the divorce process and in the years that follow.

Each child will react differently, but some issues are common to all: the need to be listened to, coping with the grief that follows the destruction of the original family unit; having divided loyalties, dealing with the organisation necessary when a child has two homes; coming to terms with step-parents and step-families.

This book is written with personal and professional insight, and also contains interviews with children who have gone through the adjustment process.


The children said:

“Tell the children what’s happening, don’t keep it a secret the children deserve to know”

“Argue when the children aren’t around”

“Tell them they love them”

“Don’t talk bad about either parent”


Readers say:

“It sheds light, brings hope and encouragement to anyone who is trying to help children through one of the most difficult of life's experiences”

“Readable, perceptive and jargon-free, with a summary of main points at the end of each chapter for quick recall - a text littered with realistic, practical and helpful suggestions to help children survive painful separation.”

 “The summary boxes at the end of each chapter are  helpful”


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