July 2015 UCB

I recently recorded an interview with UCB's Paul Hammond at their lovely HQ at Stoke on Trent.  What a place to work!  Very welcoming people and I could have stayed in the garden all day!  If I'd thought of taking a picture of the garden you could have seen it here.  As it is you've got a picture of Paul looking much as he did from my point of view during our interview.  I swear there was more flying machinery in the way though - oh yes that'll have been the mike and stuff on my side too.
Anyway if you'd like to hear what we chatted about - which ranged around different aspects of recovery from divorce including "Splat the Rat"  (that fine Devon funfair game) - it will air on Paul Hammond's Current Affairs morning programme on UCB UK throughout next week starting on Monday 6th July.
Here are the details:
  • It'll be in segments in Paul Hammond's show over 4 mornings Mon-Thurs.  I can’t give exact timings as it will depend what is in the news each day, but it will be between 9.25am and 11.40am
  • In full the following Sunday evening on UCB UK between 10.00pm and 11.00pm
  • It  will then be available on the FREE UCB Media App available for iOS devices and other smart devices.  (You can download the Apps for free at


If you are listening to Monday's programme on line the Life Issues spot (me and Paul talking) starts 24 minutes into the programme - the music is good too!




June 2015 How do you help a friend who's going through divorce?

Look out for June's edition of Woman Alive.  There's an article in it by yours truly with some ideas on how to help your friend when he/she is going through a divorce.  Most of us know someone who is separated or in the process of divorcing.  Most of us want to help.  Most of us don't want to make things worse. Most of us don't want to seem to be taking sides. Lots of us don't do anything for fear of doing the wrong thing.  But when I was going through it myself I really needed my friends.    

In the article (p29) I've given eight practical ways you can help a friend when they're going through a divorce but they're all part of the same thing really.  The clue's in the title ... they are your the answer is simple.  Be there.  Stay friends!  When you have just lost your Best Friend you presume you'll lose all your friends.  A friend who stays, means a lot.

You can order or buy Woman Alive online (click on the orange words for a link), the June issue is the one with the lovely Martha Collinson on the front cover and while you're there check out Jennifer Rees Larcombe's article "The real miracle God did for me" it's one of the most sensible things I've read for ages.   Oh, and I can recommend the Pistachio, Lime and Courgette cake too - thanks Martha!




May 2015 Missing Being Mrs. New Edition

I’ve just received my advance copy of the re-issue of Missing Being Mrs. and I’m really pleased with the work Lion Hudson have done on it – thanks everyone!

This edition has a new cover and a short update at the back but apart from that is essentially the same.


You’ll be able to buy it from the 15th May from any good bookshop or the link here:

Missing being Mrs. New Edition

To see the reviews you’ll need to look at the old link here:

Missing Being Mrs. Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has written reviews or contacted me about the book.  It means a lot to me to know that speaking of my experience has helped so many other people going through similar things.



March 2015 The Joys of Retirement!

“But what on earth will you do?”  my teaching colleagues asked incredulously when I announced I was retiring. 

“Oh gosh!  What will I do?”  I asked myself in a small panic.

I now have the answer to the question:  “Everything I never had time to do before.”


March illustrates it nicely:

  • I spent a week nursing a cold at home with warm drinks, cosy duvets, and mindless television instead of struggling into work dosed with Aspirin Max Strength and  giving said lurgy to everyone else.  (As all good teachers do to save pressure on their colleagues.)


  • I took a spontaneous trip to L.A for an International Christian Women’s conference where I was inspired by a whole range of amazing women and what they were achieving around the world; but most of all I was astonished by Joy Dawson who at 89 delivered the most straight forward and powerful teaching on listening to God that I have ever heard.


  • I had time to watch the spring arrive.  The snowdrops were still in profusion at the beginning of the month then the crocuses came through under the trees followed by garden primroses.  Daffodils are holding sway at the moment - I planted loads more last Autumn -  and the tulips are waiting in the wings, I noticed the first buds colouring up today.  Not bad for a new garden!


  • I wrote and article for Women Alive and finalized some details with lion Hudson for the new edition of Missing Being Mrs. 


  • I actually learnt the words and music for all fourteen of the pieces for my first concert outing with my Ladies Chorus. 


  • I planned a round of good food, good bookshops, good walks and good castle visits for SonNo.2 and his wife who are coming up to visit for Easter.


  • But best of all - I finished my new swing jacket!


I found the pattern when I was trawling through Australian designers on Ravelry thinking there might be something for new Ozzie granddaughter Elsie.  Instead I found “Swing, Swagger Drape!”  by Jane Slicer Smith and was hooked.  (Sorry Elsie.)  There aren’t many patterns that I can’t work out in my head as soon as I see them but this one had me stumped.  It just doesn’t work the way every other knitting pattern does – back and forth on rows decreasing and increasing for shaping - it’s not in the round either.  For the textile students out there it’s constructed from graded mitered squares and looks like some sort of deformed pterodactyl when you first start it, but provided you’ve got your tension right it all works out in the end!  The fit was amazing! 

In fact I was so pleased with it that I immediately started another one, this time in blues and greens against a black background.  (Currently still at pterodactyl stage.)



Photo Gallery: 

February 2015 Premier Interview

I've just finished an interview with Lucinda van der Hart (see photo) of Premier Radio.  We talked about how divorce impacted me, the storm of emotions you go through, and the attitudes of some people in the church.   We also touched on ways of helping children who's parents are going through a divorce. That last topic was a bit frustrating for me as I know there are so many things you can do to help the kids and it was hard to pick just two or three to mention in the short time we had!  Just the nature of the format. The thousand other things I could have said are written here.

The interview is going out on Premier's Woman to Woman programme on Friday 20th Feb between 10.30am and midday.  (Don't worry there is music imbetween as well!)  If you can't make the programme you can get the audio from the Premier Radio website for 30 days after it has gone out.