What the readers say... April 2016

Any of you out there who write or speak – books, blogs, magazines, radio, preaching and speaking - will know that it’s a strange thing to send words out in the air and not know what effect, if any, they are having.  The usual response is a massive silence, leaving you thinking “I wonder if I did the right thing?”

So its been a real joy of this website that some people, male and female, religious and non-religious, from the UK and from abroad, have contacted me directly to say how much they have been helped by “Missing Being Mrs.” I will let them speak for themselves:

The men say:

“I read the book immediately – almost at one go - but have since often re-read sections as I make my own chaotic way through what can never be anything more that a very individual and chaotic process – as you know and have described so well.”

“A massive thank-you for the help that your book has given to me and continues to give.  A friend handed it to me two years ago and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.”

“You so well, so painfully well, described much of what I was feeling and provided the comfort of knowing that someone else had felt this desolate once but had come through it”

The women say:

“Going through my break-up of a nine year relationship was one of the biggest tragedies of my life, your book was one of the many stepping stones during the beginning of my healing process.”

“My husband left me 6 months ago.  I am a Christian woman and your book has been incredible.  I can now see God in my situation…”

“My experience is widowhood, but so many of your comments rang true, like not seeing it coming, being left out, people not knowing what to do…”

“Just finished reading, for the second time, your incredible book: Missing being Mrs...Inspirational and totally honest... Loved it.”


Thank-you to all for your responses.

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