Unity March 2016

A while ago whilst cruising knitting blogs and sites (what else?) I came across a super project called “Flowers for Memories” which was exhibited at Yarndale 2015 to raise money for the Alzheimers Society.  People from all over the world contributed flowers they’d knitted and the idea was to sell them and so raise money for the charity.  A great idea which proved to be very successful and you can read all about it on Attic24’s blog.  (Click on the red colour to go straight there.)

But it wasn’t just the fundraising idea that struck me it was two of the pictures.  Two pictures that started suddenly speaking more than a thousand words to me.  The two pictures you can see at the side here.

O.K. they are just pictures of crocheted flowers.  Actually what I thought when I saw them was that the flowers at the top were the rejects – they looked a bit naff and amateurish- and I thought the flowers in the bottom picture were the best ones, which had been especially picked out and chosen for the event.  In the first picture the flowers seem to clash and compete with each other.  In the second each flower sets off the one next to it making them all seem even more beautiful.  The first is just a load of old crotched flowers flung together.  The second is a beautiful display of crocheted flowers you want to look at.  Then I read that they were in fact two pictures of the same collection of flowers. 

I was astounded.  I mean look at that first picture.  Can you see the kaleidoscopic orange, blue and pink one with the yellow centre?  Quite OTT. How is that ever going to fit in with the small, beaded lime green one - or that very plain sage doily shaped one?  And talking of shape there are singles, doubles and small posies in this picture.  How do they ever work together? It just shows the results you can get when you let a skilled eye look at the problem and allow a skilled hand to arrange things.  Isn’t it amazing?

Then the pictures started speaking to me of the church.  The first picture shows church as I often see it  - so many different types of people flung together in one place, loosely connected, very different and not all that attractive as a body together.  There are the quiet ones and the outrageous ones, the complicated ones and the plain and simple ones.  There is every colour and every pattern under the sun.  How can so may diverse people work together in unity?  At first sight it looks impossible.  But how amazing might it be if we let the skilled mind and hand of God put us into the arrangement He wants?  God has given so many different natural and supernatural gifts, talents, and ministries to all of us. (1 Cor. 12:4) How different might the church look if we let Him re-arrange us?  What a picture of unity we could be.