Small boats save lives too. August 2018

We live in a country area.  The big names don't come here. 

The older generation here still remember the huge Billy Graham Evangelistic campaigns of the 60's.  They saved so many lives.  They are still waiting for a big name to return and save thousands.  But small boats save lives too. 

When the big battlships can't enter the harbour its time for the small boats to take the risky journey out onto the sea.  The unknown boats, the unnamed boats, the working boats, the boats that have only ever been used for pleasure, the fishing trawlers and the fancy yachts.  Small boats save lives too. They can save five or ten or twenty.  They can return again for more. 

There is no shortage of battleworn, lost people in our world.  There is no shortage of those in need of rescue.  Lets stop waiting for the big battleships to appear over the horizon, they can't reach the places we can reach anyway. 

Let's take out or small boat and rescue who we can.

Small boats save lives too.