September 2014

Look what arrived in the post this morning! I didn't even know there was a Dutch version in the pipeline!

I have been having great fun today trying to read my own book! I especially like their translation of the names into Dutch.  Pia, Frank, Mirjam and Zelf are telling their stories in this book  (I think Zelf is a name but it could just be the beginning of a sentence.)  Apparently I have advised people to “Probeer zo gewoon mogelijk te doen’ and to “tid met ze doorbrengt”. I hope it was good advice!

The funniest bit was coming across the boy teenager's monosyllabic speech in the "Listening" chapter:  “Stijn.  Vanavond uit?  Ja.  De Walrus?  Oke.  Zeven uur.  Goed.  Later.”  which works in any language I think (although I’m not sure what the walrus has got to do with it).

On the serious side I am absolutely delighted that the book is now accessible to a wider audience.

Many thanks to the people at Forte Uitgevers. I think you have done a wonderful job with the production and I especially like the artwork.