The Radiator February 2016

Sun! Rain! Wind! Snow! More rain! Sleet!  Thunder!  And that was just yesterday. They tell me it's something to do with Gertie or Henry, not sure which, but I wish they's stop squabbling.  I started my walk in the sun yesterday, admiring the spring bulbs courageously coming up through the cold earth and ten minutes later I was leaning into the wind watching incredulously as the snow built up on the front of my jacket!  Mind you the cold weather certainly helps you appreciate a new, well insulated, centrally heated home.  Which is what got me thinking about radiators.

The radiator

Verb: radiate

1.  emit (energy, especially light or heat) in the form of rays or waves.

e.g."the hot stars radiate energy"

synonyms: emit, give off, send out, discharge, diffuse

  2.  diverge or spread from or as if from a central point.

    e.g. "he ran down one of the passages that radiated from the room"

synonyms:  spread out, fan (out), ray (out), branch (out/off), extend, issue


Being a Christian.  It’s like being a radiator.  To radiate a radiator must be full.  A radiator is cold unless full of hot water.  It needs to be connected to the Boiler that produces the hot water.  It can’t get hot on its own.


If the hot water is not reaching the radiator the Plumber will check the pipework and make sure the connections are secure.  He’ll repair any holes or leaks.  Firm connections are essential.


He’ll also clear the bits of rust and debris that build up over the years and clog the pipes.

Lukewarm radiator?  It’s full of hot air.  Bleed out the radiator and allow room for the hot water again.


A hot radiator! Ahhh!  What a comfort.