Pre-School Children June 2016

Do you know any children about three or four years old?  Suddenly they start getting frustrated with everything you do...

“Come on we’re going shopping”

“Don’t wanna go!”  Sit down. Pout.  Temper tantrum as you drag them along by one arm. 

Suddenly they don’t like any of the toys they’ve always loved.  “Here’s your favourite car darling.”  Bang!  It hits the wall opposite.  “Play nicely with Dolly, sweetheart.”  Squelch!  Her face is in the mud! (Or was that just me?)  And the adored baby brother?  

"Why are you hitting him on the head darling?"  

“I not, I dust blessing him hard!”  

Suddenly it’s all squabbles and pushing fights with their brothers and sisters and friends.  Going to bed? – no chance.  Getting up? – they pull their clothes off as you dress them.  In despair you strap them in to the buggy and go round to Grandma’s and tell her all about it as they amuse themselves chasing the cat round the garden.  “Darling stop that!  I said stop it!  Poor Fluffy!  Well of course she won’t come out of the tree to see you now!”

“Ah!” says Grandma wisely, “I see he’s ready for school then.”

It’s the same with the children of God.  The frustrations with the way things are.  Are you dissatisfied with worship at your church? dissatisfied with wordhip altogether?  Disgusted with yourself for doing so little to “Serve the Lord”?  Frustrated with a meaningless prayer life and wondering what the point of talking to the ceiling is?  Wishing you had the same delight in meeting with God that you did years ago?  Are you squabbling with your brothers and sisters?  Or bored stiff with all the squabbling constantly going on? Are you generally dissatisfied with your whole experience of God? Are you thinking: “There must be more than this!”?

If so, then be very happy and start getting excited, because it sounds to me as though you’re “Ready for school.”  Ready for the next stage that God is going to take you to.  We are changed from glory to glory.  (2 Cor. 3:18).  We sre continually learning and experiencing more and more of God.  This dissatisfaction with where you are means God has something new, something higher or deeper for you. 

It’s time for Nursery, or School, or Big School, or College, or your Ph.D. study.  It’s time to learn the higher things of God.  To advance in a stage of maturity.

Or as Jesus put it

Blessed are the poor in spirit - for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are they that hunger as thirst after righteousness -  they shall be filled.  (Matthew 5)