November 2015 Autumn at last!

Finally autumn has arrived with all the intensity it can muster and the colours this year have been zinging around me in the bright autumn sunshine.  The main picture is of Sheffield Park in Sussex, taken on a visit down south, but all the others are the colours surrounding me here at home in Scotland.

My thoughts this month are beautifully illustrated day after day right in front of my eyes.  It's simply this: Autumn is stunning.  OK spring is lovely with it’s bright bold colours, the yellows predominating with the daffodils, the red of the tulips and the contrasting blues of the little muscari and the woodland bluebells.  All so welcome after the depths of winter.   And everyone raves about the sights and scents of summer, all blue skies, green fields, creamy honeysuckle and pink roses.  But just open your eyes and look at Autumn!  Stunning!  And fruitful as well.

Summer is beautiful and to many is the best of seasons.  So many of us are tempted to work at preserving the summer.  I don’t mean making jam from the strawberries and raspberries and brambles (most of the kids round here have had purple faces for weeks) I’m talking about reaching the summer of your life and trying to stay there, trying to preserve the summer with cosmetics and fashion, with chemicals and doctor’s skills or with living in the past and yearning for what was and what might have been.

But Autumn is beautiful too.  There is a richness of colour here that hasn’t been seen before.  There is a fruitfulness here and a harvest to be had from a lifetime of growth.  Summer’s gone but autumn brings new gifts.

So enjoy Autumn, whether it be the nature around you, the season of your ministry or the autumn of your years.  

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