"Look, I am making everything new!" October 2016

There are some times when it feels like the fabric of our lives is damaged beyond repair and the bedsheet of our former life now seems only fit for dressing up, or cleaning rags.  When moth and accident and deliberate vandalism have holed the fabric of our lives to a critical state we despair.  Except that we forget something.  Well Someone. The God who’s creative gifts exceed anything we could ever conceive or imagine. The one who restores the old and damaged parts of our lives.  What’s more the amazing thing about God is that He never restores to what it was before – it is always even better!!


God is expert at invisible mending.  Watch what he does with your life – you’ll never know those tiny holes were there.   Destroyed by moth you say?  Really? Have you ever seen the beauty of lace cutwork when finished by a craftsman? 

If your life feels like a tattered mess – trust in His expertise. His creativity has no limits.

Give Him the tattered cloth of your life and He will make something beautiful of it.

He is very good at restoration. He always has been.  Naomi's story in the Bible tells of her losing everything and yet even her neighbours noticed that God was at work in her life.  “He will restore your life for you and will support you in your old age” they said to her – and then watched it come true.


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