June 2015 How do you help a friend who's going through divorce?

Look out for June's edition of Woman Alive.  There's an article in it by yours truly with some ideas on how to help your friend when he/she is going through a divorce.  Most of us know someone who is separated or in the process of divorcing.  Most of us want to help.  Most of us don't want to make things worse. Most of us don't want to seem to be taking sides. Lots of us don't do anything for fear of doing the wrong thing.  But when I was going through it myself I really needed my friends.    

In the article (p29) I've given eight practical ways you can help a friend when they're going through a divorce but they're all part of the same thing really.  The clue's in the title ... they are your friend...so the answer is simple.  Be there.  Stay friends!  When you have just lost your Best Friend you presume you'll lose all your friends.  A friend who stays, means a lot.

You can order or buy Woman Alive online (click on the orange words for a link), the June issue is the one with the lovely Martha Collinson on the front cover and while you're there check out Jennifer Rees Larcombe's article "The real miracle God did for me" it's one of the most sensible things I've read for ages.   Oh, and I can recommend the Pistachio, Lime and Courgette cake too - thanks Martha!