July 2015 UCB

I recently recorded an interview with UCB's Paul Hammond at their lovely HQ at Stoke on Trent.  What a place to work!  Very welcoming people and I could have stayed in the garden all day!  If I'd thought of taking a picture of the garden you could have seen it here.  As it is you've got a picture of Paul looking much as he did from my point of view during our interview.  I swear there was more flying machinery in the way though - oh yes that'll have been the mike and stuff on my side too.
Anyway if you'd like to hear what we chatted about - which ranged around different aspects of recovery from divorce including "Splat the Rat"  (that fine Devon funfair game) - it will air on Paul Hammond's Current Affairs morning programme on UCB UK throughout next week starting on Monday 6th July.
Here are the details:
  • It'll be in segments in Paul Hammond's show over 4 mornings Mon-Thurs.  I can’t give exact timings as it will depend what is in the news each day, but it will be between 9.25am and 11.40am
  • In full the following Sunday evening on UCB UK between 10.00pm and 11.00pm
  • It  will then be available on the FREE UCB Media App available for iOS devices and other smart devices.  (You can download the Apps for free at  www.ucb.co.uk/mobile


If you are listening to Monday's programme on line the Life Issues spot (me and Paul talking) starts 24 minutes into the programme - the music is good too!