About Me

I am a teacher, mother of four and now a grandmother. I’ve always lived and worked in the UK.

I came to writing after the breakdown of my first marriage with “Missing Being Mrs” which is about how I came to terms with the emotional, practical and faith problems thrown up by my divorce.

During my teaching career of over 25 years I taught Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics to teenagers aged 11-18. Their insights as well as my personal experience informed “The Essential Guide to Children and Separation“ first published in 2013. The book is a very practical guide to how to help children cope with their parents’ divorce or separation, often in the voice of the children themselves.

About Us

In 2007 I married John, ex forces, ex farmer and now Life Skills coach and therapist.  In 2014 we both retired and moved to the country. Together we run seminars and workshops on relationship skills for churches and secular groups.


If you would like to contact Jenny, please email jenny@jennifercroly.com